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Hey There!

Welcome to my virtual office!

The fact you’re here & want to know more, well, that’s pretty awesome.  If you don’t already know me, I'm Chloë Forbes-Kindlen. If you want to see exactly what I'm all about, read about why I started this business or check out my microblog. 

Or if you prefer, here's the 20 second version:

I believe in love, kindness and your ability to change the world one connection and one conversation at a time. That's why I created this business; to serve you on your mission!

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Let's Start with The Basics...

I started this online adventure back in 2012 when I received another job rejection letter… this time for a minimum wage toilet cleaning job.  I remember thinking,

'Did I really just bust by buns off at University to be told I’m not good enough to be a toilet cleaner?'

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So I decided to start a business

Just like that. I had no money (Nope. No. Nada. Nothing. Seriously… £0), no experience and nothing to sell.

What I did have was a broken Sony Vaio laptop, my brain and an internet connection. Everything I needed.

I used every social media platform to connect and engage. I hustled my way into freelancing jobs doing everything I could to build my reputation and experience.


Now I get to wake up and help people like YOU

As I started achieving results for clients, my business grew and now I am blessed to wake up every morning and serve all the people I care about the most.


You have a unique gift. Online marketing can help you share that with the world. Through strategic online marketing systems, customer love and the right support, you can change the world, one connection and one conversation at a time.


You CAN Build A Profitable Business Online!


By building solid foundations, you can use online marketing to grow sustainable long-term success in your business. As a result, you’ll save time, make money but more importantly you’ll gain lifestyle freedom. 

Talk about a return on happiness. 



I didn’t do it all alone though…

Along the way, I’ve some pretty incredible people.

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I met Lindsay Davidson...

Lindsay was my client. She took a gamble on me as a person before I had any experience or achieved any kind of tangible business result. She believed in me when I had nothing. Being able to continue serving Lindsay today still means the world to me.

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I met Mari Smith...

Mari was my inspiration showing me the power of relationship marketing in action through her books, courses and own social media execution. Now I'm blessed to work with her on various projects. She leads with heart and integrity, that’s everything.

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I met Mark Schaefer...

Mark cared, listened, advised and supported. He took the time to be there and answer questions from way back when I had just graduated and just posted my first tweet right up until today. His book ‘Tao of Twitter’ played a huge role in why I do what I do… for you

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I met Robert Caruso...

Robert cared enough to call me out when needed. He also pushed me to be the very best Digital Marketer I could be. I would never be able to provide the value and the service that I provide without Robert Caruso. 

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I met Grant Cardone...

Grant taught me that success is our duty! It's okay to be obsessed with living life at the highest level by integrating, not compartmentalising. If you truly want to change the world,  be unapologetic in your efforts to do so. 

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I met Ed Neidorf...

Ed taught me that you should never apologise for being who you are and living your truth. If you're going to take a chance and place a bet, you can never lost when you decide to go all in on you. 


All of these people had a huge impact on where I am today!

That’s why it’s important that I share these stories. Each one of these superheroes taught me that no one needs to grow their business totally alone and there are people out there that genuinely care about helping and serving. You can visibly see how each person has given me a piece of the jigsaw and now, through this site, you get to see the big picture vision.

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This is why it matters to you!

Now I have the opportunity to pass that experience on and do the same for you. I want to show you that you really can achieve those big goals you have for your business and your life, not by dreaming but by taking action.

It's not about a having a huge budget or team or social media toolbox. 

It's about having the right systems, strategies and support in place that align with your business goals. I've been able to do it. Now I'm here to help you do this same. 


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Things you should know...

Before you consider working with me, there's some things you should know about me.

1. I only teach you things I've done successfully for either myself or clients.

2. I will always be 100% honest about the mistakes and lessons I learn along the way - because we all make them. 

3. I believe it's less about resources and more about resourcefulness. 

4. I believe education is the more powerful tool to change the world and everyone has a right to receiving it which is why I am committed to providing free resources whenever possible. 

5. I don't do hard sell promotions, expiring offers, mega launches or psychological pricing. It's not my style. You either want to learn or you don't you either want to buy or you don't. My role is only ever to create solutions to your problems and educate you on the benefits gained from investing time, money or both.


When I was younger, I believed there were secret doors that could take you anywhere in the world. Now there are, who knew they’d be virtual?